Mark’s latest film, The Juilliard Experiment, was completed in January 2016. This feature-length film is about the French artist Fabienne Verdier’s residency at the Juilliard School of Music in New York, during which she explores the relationship between painting and music. The film documents Verdier’s collaborations with composers, musicians and singers in an open-ended experiment that ranged from Mozart to Jazz, from Handel to Elliott Carter. Mark Kidel’s s stirring and intimate documentary evokes some of the strongest moments in the artist’s adventurous journey, which, as she claimed afterwards, both liberated and fundamentally transformed her. The film allows the viewer to share in the ups and downs of the artist’s creative process. Back at her studio in France, Verdier continued the ‘Juilliard experiment’ with one of her New York collaborators, the composer Philip Lasser, free to explore further and on a much larger scale, the forms and energies that animate the worlds of image and sound.